Grupo Caliente

Grupo Caliente and the Gaming Boom in Mexico

Welcome to a website dedicated to Grupo Caliente and the gaming boom in Mexico. A 100 percent Mexican company, led by Jorge Hank Rhon, Grupo Caliente is synonymous with the gaming industry in Mexico. The popularity of the casino group is evident by the steady growth of the organization. After becoming a leading casino provider in Mexico, Grupo Caliente has recently begun plans to expand its service borders to more than fifteen countries in Latin America and Europe. Every Grupo Caliente casino brings jobs and entertainment to the local community.

For those new to the casino scene, there is a lot to get excited over. Jorge Hank Rhon and Grupo Caliente bring endless hours of entertainment to all who enter through their doors. While it is true that some of the most serious players in Mexico head to Grupo Caliente to play blackjack, poker and other games of chance and skill, inexperienced players are welcome to join the fun.  The best way to ease into playing comes in the form of sports betting. Sports betting is a billion dollar industry for a reason – it’s very fun!

The easiest sports bet to make is the money line bet.  When betting the money line, the only thing that matters is the team you bet on wins their matchup. The next way to bet is to look at the spread. With a spread bet the favored team will give up points while the underdog will start the game or match up a certain number of points or goals. Once you get a handle for the two basics of sports betting, everything from over/unders to specialty player props allow you to get in on the action.

The next logical step is to head to the roulette tables. Under the leadership of Jorge Hank Rhon, Grupo Caliente is committed to ensuring every visitor has a fun experience. This means that the friendly dealers are more than happy to explain the rules of the games. Players can watch others play to get a feel or join an empty table to have the dealer guide them through the process.

Grupo Caliente is focused on responsible gaming. They encourage all players to come to their casinos with a budget in mind. While the hope is that everyone wins, the reality is there is inherent risk to gambling. By entering through the doors of the casino with a budget in mind, there is no risk of a damaging loss. More than anything, the casino experience should provide some escape from the stresses of everyday life. Grupo Caliente is dedicated to offering the best in entertainment at the tables and the amenities that accompany them. Grupo Caliente features delicious dining options and rotates live entertainment that can turn any night into a memorable one.

All games played at Grupo Caliente casinos are provided through the permissions granted by the Deputy General Directorate of Games and Draws. Every game adheres to the Federal Law of Games and Draws. With gaming growing in popularity across the globe, it has never been more important for players to choose reputable casinos. Grupo Caliente can be trusted to follow requirements dictated by the gaming commission to ensure quality and gaming integrity.

All guests can feel good about gaming at Grupo Caliente, as the organization is committed to helping the communities surrounding their gaming establishments. The success of the organization under Jorge Hank Rhon has allowed Grupo Caliente to create jobs, form alliances with suppliers and meet the goals of shareholders. Jorge Hank Rhon has an inclusive and open vision for the company and dedicates a portion of the funds collected by the casino to help different corporate social responsibility issues. In addition to monetary donations, Grupo Caliente has launched the Caliente Ayuda Program. The Caliente Ayuda Program has impacted the lives of thousands of people since 1985. The program collaborates with other organizations as well as local foundations to aid in everything from visits to nursing homes and food kitchens to cleaning local beaches and visiting nursing homes.

In addition to funds and time donated from normal casino operations, Grupo Caliente also launched the Casino Nights for Benefit program. This program launches different casino events at the Grupo Caliente facilities where all funds collected are donated directly to a specific cause. Themes of the event are known ahead of time and they usually draw crowds of individuals looking to do their part to give back.

Future blog posts will dive deeper into the charitable works of Grupo Caliente and dive deeper into different casino games. There’s few things more exciting than finding a new game to play. A lot of players start with blackjack or slots and just continue to play them throughout their gaming experience. Again, this is a result of fear of not understanding a particular game. By diving deeper into the rules of games like baccarat, craps and three-card poker, gamers can enter a Grupo Caliente and play with confidence.