Jorge Hank Rhon Shares Helpful Tips for Horse Betting Newcomers

As more horse tracks begin to reopen in Mexico, thousands of horse betting fans are returning to the track to once again revel in the excitement and competition of the beloved pass time. Along with experienced betters have come a large number of newcomers, looking for good-natured fun after the past year and a half. Jorge Hank Rhon, the owner of Mexico’s largest sport betting company Grupo Caliente, is thrilled to see so many longtime fans and newcomers returning to the track. To welcome the many new faces at the tracks, Jorge Hank Rhon will share the following helpful tips for getting started in horse betting. 

Listen to More Experienced Betters

When first learning the basics of horse betting, as with many other activities, its always best to learn from those with more experience. Experienced betters will help newcomers understand horse statistics, terminology, and the picking process. Whether this advice comes from a friend, family member, or expert commentary, it’s vital to first learn the basics of betting and horse analysis before making large and risky bets. 

One of the rules of thumb of horse racing is that favorites win roughly 32% of all horse races. While this means that the payoffs will be more frequent but lower, it also means that any better who bets on a favorite every time will lose two-thirds of the time. However, a horse being a season favorite is not by mistake, as 85% of all winners come from the first fur positing in the betting market. 

Understand Gate Position 

A horse track is quite similar to a running track as those in the outer lanes have a slight disadvantage as they will have more ground to cover. Before placing your bet, horse betting newcomers are encouraged to check their sire’s gate position to see if they are at a clear disadvantage that day. However, some horses have been known to beat this disadvantage, so betters should not necessarily feel discouraged by their horse’s gate position. 

Keep Informed on Sires 

When looking at a list of leading sires, sires will often be broken down into several categories, including best 2-year-old sires, best turf sires, best dirt track sires, etc. When betting on a horse, it is always best to check and see if your sire ranks highly in multiple categories to best determine whether or not they have a chance of performing well or if the sire may still be too inexperienced. 

However, it is still important to note that some of the best racing horses in history, Scat Daddy, Man O War, and War Admiral, all at one point were first season sires. The secret to horse betting is a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of your risk comfort. While you may have thoroughly researched a specific sire, jockey, track placement, etc., you will never know with 100% certainly if they will win a race. At the end of the day, horse betting will always boil down to a leap of faith. 

Jorge Hank Rhon
Jorge Hank Rhon is a businessman and politician who writes about matters concerning SMEs