The importance of customer service in the casino industry

Jorge Hank Rhon knows providing quality customer service in the casino industry is very important.  People gambling in a casino, who may be losing lots of money, need to feel valued in order for them to continue to play at that casino. Casinos want their customers to develop brand loyalty and return to them over and over. How do they do that? With awesome customer service.

How is customer service important?

Every casino knows they cannot survive without making a guest’s time at their property as pleasant and worry-free as possible. Jim Kilby, a professor in hotel management at the University of Nevada Las Vegas says, “gaming companies are investing millions in service and technology to please every customer. As far as guest satisfaction, there are different standards depending on the playing level of the customer,” said Kilby.

For the biggest spending gamblers, commonly called whales, casinos will roll out the red carpet, provide free limo service, comp rooms, etc. But not every casino is able to attract players of that caliber and that suits them fine. They attract players who will remain loyal to their brand by using customer service and using guest service surveys.

Casinos can measure and analyze customer behavior through these guest surveys. The casinos are able to get feedback from these players which helps them create and maintain an environment that appeals to these guests. Casinos then invest heavily in creating guest satisfaction based on those surveys.

The typical survey shows the casino if they are meeting the needs of their guests, what improvements customers want to see and how it compares to the competition. But the most important question on the survey is usually whether the guest will return to the property in the future and why or why not. Focusing on customer satisfaction and needs is helping many smaller casinos attract and retain players.

Customer Service in Action

Casinos are heavily investing in training their employees to provide winning customer service. Casino employees are trained to greet regulars by name, always maintain eye contact, and smile while providing service. Also, casinos now send out emails to invite customer feedback or sometimes ask clients in person for their feedback on their customer service. In the gaming industry, customer service, listening to customer-input, and creating customer loyalty is very important. Clients in casinos don’t expect everything to be perfect but they do expect when they have a bad experience, that it will be fixed. Otherwise, the casino risks losing a consistent guest.

Jorge Hank Rhon
Jorge Hank Rhon is a businessman and politician who writes about matters concerning SMEs