Visibility is Crucial during Election Campaigns, says Political Veteran Jorge Hank Rhon

There’s little room for weakness in the political arena. Candidates for every level of office will have to fend off challengers who have more name recognition, money, resources, staff and news coverage. What these candidates don’t have more of is the will to win, according to Jorge Hank Rhon. Mr. Hank is both a much-loved businessman as well as a veteran of politics in Mexico. He is currently running for the governor’s seat in Baja California. This Mexican state that borders California is his stomping grounds and a place where he feels at home. For that reason, political pundits expect his recently-announced run to be a strong showing. It’s hardly Mr. Hank’s first foray into the spotlight, however. Below, we will explore some of his other efforts in the public eye to show that Jorge Hank Rhon has always been accessible to the people he yearns to represent in government.

Hitting the Polls

In this 2016 article from, we see Mr. Hank reflecting on voter turnout. This is a crucial consideration where the popular vote will play a large role in determining the winner of the election. Mr. Hank “regretted the little citizen participation, and mentioned that many polling stations have not been installed,” according to the article. A lack of polling stations can have a huge effect on voter turnout; sites that are too far away from populated areas will in turn reduce vote counts for all candidates. It should thus fall to local boards of elections to ensure that municipalities and voting districts are fully prepared for upcoming elections – long before this shortcoming becomes a detriment to the election itself.

Further, Mr. Hank told the news outlet that he has considered “paying the electorate to go to the polls, as occurs in other countries.” This would be a decision made by an electoral authority, not partisan campaign managers, and would thus be legal. There are existing examples of this approach, which would be transformative if it saw wide-spread use. A 2020 article from the Associated Press says the “New South Souls to the Polls Initiative is paying churches a $6 contribution ‘for each documented early vote’ to cover the expenses for outreach and transportation to help people vote early by absentee ballot.” This is a great addition to employers giving their workers time off to go to the polls. In any event, a full video of Mr. Hank talking about voting initiatives can be found at the link above.

Increasing Visibility

Notoriety can be crucial in elections. An electorate who knows your name and what you stand for is one who could support you at the polls. When he was mayor of Tijuana, Jorge Hank Rhon hit the road – literally. This 2016 article from tells us about Mr. Hank taking advantage of nice weather and going for a cruise in his “exclusive” luxury Maybach 57S that is valued at $350,000 (or 3 million pesos). Mr. Hank is an avid car collector and the design elements of this model, which comes from the same family as Mercedes, includes a number of “fine interior finishes” made to suit each individual order. Per the article, the trip in the car — which was a gift from his brother — spanned about 20 kilometers along Federal Highway No.1 Tijuana-Mexicali. You’ve surely seen politicians waving from convertibles during local parades; the same concept was in action here.

A Promising Future

As previously mentioned, Jorge Hank Rhon has thrown his hat in the ring to become Baja California’s governor. Mr. Hank is no stranger to politics and what it takes to win the office. Be sure to visit this website often for additional updates in his campaign!

Jorge Hank Rhon
Jorge Hank Rhon is a businessman and politician who writes about matters concerning SMEs