Jorge Hank Rhon

Jorge Hank Rhon: More Than a Politician

Jorge Hank Rhon, Tijuana

Jorge Hank Rhon may be best known for his incredible career in politics. Currently, Jorge Hank Rhon is running for the governor’s seat in Baja California. As the former Mayor of Tijuana, Jorge Hank Rhon has a track record of improving infrastructure and creating jobs for his constituents. One of the biggest infrastructure success stories during his time as the Mayor of Tijuana comes in the form of an investment on an underpass at the heavily trafficked Alba Roja intersection. Mayor Rhon took the necessary steps to increase security in the area with GPS tracking devices and more than 60 high definition security cameras. The upgrade in security helped lower the crime rates in the area and crack down on kidnappings, which was a major issue when Rhon took the office.

An Eye for Business

One of the things that makes Jorge Hank Rhon such a formidable politician is the skillset he brings from the business world. Most notably serving as the owner of Grupo Caliente, Mexico’s largest sports betting company. People from around the world head to Mexico to visit the Grupo Caliente casinos. Jorge Hank Rhon understood that it was not enough to offer the best collection of slots, table games and sports betting, he knew that it was about offering an unmatched customer experience. Not only do guests enjoy a staff dedicated to their happiness, the local community gains access to sturdy jobs that raise the value of the surrounding area.

The Caliente Casino located just minutes from San Diego frequently hosts Americans looking to take advantage of the events and promotions that make every day at the casino feel like a holiday. Under the leadership of Jorge Hank Rhon, the Grupo Caliente group committed itself to offering a superior gaming experience. Beyond all the classic casino games, the Grupo Caliente also brings live entertainment and authentic Mexican cuisine to all guests.

Those looking for live sport action are encouraged to visit the Greyhound racing tracks. The greyhound races at the Tijuana location have been operating since May of 1947. Every day of the year brings multiple races to the track. Truly, a world destination, more than 16 countries have the races transmitted to their local casinos and racetracks, so everyone can get in on the action. Those new to gambling are encouraged to visit the sportsbook. The crowds make any game that much more exciting and the staff is happy to go over the easiest ways to make wagers.

Knowing that the success of the casinos in Mexico can translate overseas, Grupo Caliente has recently begun plans to expand its service borders to more than fifteen countries in Latin America and Europe. Jorge Hank Rhon loves expansion because it not only helps his business grow, but it makes an incredible impact in the communities where new buildings open. Locals looking for work can take advantage of new openings from construction jobs to restaurant workers to dealers, security, and everything in between.

A Commitment to Giving Back

The reason a successful businessman like Jorge Hank Rhon continues to seek public office is because at his core, he is a philanthropist. He believes in the importance of community and looking out for one’s fellow man. It is why as the head of Grupo Caliente, Rhon has focused on giving back through multiple charitable organizations. Every year the casino group looks at different corporate social responsibility issues and ensures that funds are donated to programs that give back to those in need. Jorge Hank Rhon leveraged the work of his casinos to form the Caliente Ayuda program. This program collaborates with different companies to volunteer both time and money to numerous great causes. When a natural disaster strikes, The Caliente Ayuda Program looks to donate funds to relief efforts. Those struggling with the day-to-day may even benefit via the program because of time spent in food banks or homeless shelters.

Grupo Caliente also launched the Casino Nights for Benefit program. These themed charitable events allow for all the fun of a night at the casino with the bonus of knowing that all funds collected go directly to a reputable, charitable cause.

What to Expect

This website will occasionally dive into the political contributions of Mr. Hank, but it will also provide guidance for other entrepreneurs looking to give back to their local community. A lifetime of philanthropic efforts have taught Jorge Hank Rhon the best ways to make a difference and the easiest ways to ensure that the money and time donated are going directly to the causes. Also, readers can look forward to deeper dives into different casino games and the latest projects from Grupo Caliente. Be sure to check back often for the latest news.